Wednesday, July 1, 2015

do. Active Products - Product Review


Using gentle botanical ingredients, do. Active Products includes a full line of 100% vegan shampoos, conditioners and facial products as well as paraben-free styling products, all specially formulated to restore and protect the hair and skin’s natural pH moisture balance. do. Active Products were designed in collaboration by professional stylists and certified fitness trainers for those clients who center their lives around health, wellness and beauty.

Product Overview: I like that the products address the effects of sweating/oil (sebum) production due to physical activity. I tend to work up a sweat (especially in the summertime) while working 'behind the chair' and with just going about my day-to-day activities. Therefore, I tend to shower more, needing a product that will restore and protect my hair and skin's natural pH moisture balance.
These products are designed with an active lifestyle, in mind. But, believe don't need to be 'active' to use and enjoy these products!
Features & Benefits:
Natural Botanical Scents~LOVE the smell of the products :-)
No Harsh Sulfates
100% Vegan (majority) 
Powerful UV Protectants
Attractive Packaging/Design
Ingredient Highlights: 
Aloe Vera
Sunflower Seed Extracts
Soy & Wheat Proteins
Goji Berry and Red Wine Extracts
Citric Acid
Wild Cherry Bark
Certified Organic Extracts 

Favorite Products: 
Clean Break Cleansing Conditioner- MY FAV!! Turned me from a skeptic into a believer in the power of Cleansing Conditioners!!
Y.O.G.A Sulfate-Free Shampoo & Conditioner- Love the smell and the gentle cleansing and hydration. 

Body Building Styling Mousse- Love the awapuhi smell. Great hold, can use as a 'root lifter'. Mix with Breakaway- Moisture Conditioner to create a 'curl cream'.

Flex Mist Shine Dry Oil Mist- Exotic smell & lightweight shine. Great heat protectant for flat ironing.

Super Set Firm Hold Shaping Spray- Strong, move-able and mold-able hold. Great for setting long-lasting styles. Provides amazing shine.


Shampoos designed for the active lifestyle, including a dry shampoo. Most of the shampoos are 100% vegan. Whether you are cleansing and clarifying your hair or adding volume, do has you covered. Shampoo pricing: $18-$24
3-n-1 Cross Train Conditioning Shampoo Complete your workout with this 100% vegan shampoo, conditioner and body wash all in one. Adds shine and manageability to chemically treated hair.
Freestyle Clarifying Shampoo This 100% vegan clarifying shampoo removes chlorine residue and product buildup. Great to use prior to a chemical service or deep conditioning treatment. Won't fade color or relax curl.
Speed Play Quick Lift Shampoo This 100% vegan shampoo will bring lift and vitality to your hair without stripping it of natural moisture. With every use your hair will be fuller, shinier and more manageable.
Y.O.G.A. Sulfate-Free Shampoo This 100% vegan shampoo gently removes dirt and residue without stripping your hair of essential moisture. Ideal for those with a highly active lifestyle.
Dry Run Dry Shampoo This dry shampoo absorbs oil, dirt and product build-up while refreshing hair; all without water. Perfect after a workout! Maintains hair color with less washing. Use on dry hair only.
Knock Out PurpleToning Shampoo This violet tinted shampoo neutralizes yellow tones in blonde, white, highlighted, or gray hair. Leaves hair soft and manageable with shimmering highlights.


Conditioners designed to nourish your hair, all 100% vegan. Strengthen and protect your hair even with daily washing. Conditioner pricing: $22-$28
3-n-1 Cross Train Conditioning Shampoo Complete your workout with this 100% vegan shampoo, conditioner and body wash all in one. Adds shine and manageability to chemically treated hair.
Endurance Intense Conditioner Turn damaged or chemically treated hair into soft, shiny hair while mending split ends. Use as a quick conditioner or as an intensive hair treatment with or without heat.
Breakaway Moisturizing Conditioner Great for all hair types, this daily conditioner will leave your hair fuller, shinier and more manageable. Made with natural botanical ingredients.
Y.O.G.A. Daily Conditioner This daily conditioner softens and strengthens damaged or brittle hair while soothing a dry and irritated scalp. Adds shine while protecting against color fade.
Clean Break Cleansing Conditioner Perfect for your gym bag, this lather-free product rinses away sebum while also moisturizing and detangling hair. Improves strength, moisture, and color retention. Sulfate-free, Paraben-free.

Styling Products

An assortment of styling products to choose from that allow you to lift, mold, shine, smooth, style, protect, hold and shape your hair. Styling pricing: $19-$27

Set Shot Styling & Finishing Hair Spray Provides long-lasting, flexible hold and shine. This quick-drying spray won't flake or buildup

Bodybuilding Gel Styling Mousse The control of a gel in a conditioning mousse, this unique formula foams as it is expelled. Conditions your hair with each use. Enriched with botanical ingredients.
Softball Dimension™ Volume Foam Conditions hair as it infuses shine, bounce and medium control. Humidity and perspiration resistant, color safe. Transforms fine, limp hair with added volume and support. 
How to Use: Rub a small amount in hands and apply to damp hair. Massage evenly from roots to ends for added volume. Blow out or style as desired.
Core Impact Leave-In Protectant This 100% vegan leave in protectant will guard your color against UV exposure, free-radical damage and styling. Great for all hair types, this product is a natural detangler reducing drying time and increasing shine.
Cool Down Smoothing Serum Calm and protect your hair cuticle with this lightweight smoothing serum. Provides a lustrously smooth finish and shine. 100% Vegan and Paraban free.
How to Use: Apply to damp hair prior to styling. Use in small amounts to add glass-like shine to finished styles.
High Point Hair Wax Apply wax to wet hair before styling to smooth cuticle and provide control. Use on dry hair to lift and separate. The best part, no greasy feel.
Bring the Heat Thermal Shield Protects and conditions hair during heat styling. Exotic Amazon Oil® leaves hair soft, smooth and infused with shine. Tames the most unruly hair. 
How to Use: Apply to wet hair prior to styling. For straightening, brush hair straight while blow drying. For curls, scrunch hair while drying with a diffuser.
Topspin Molding Putty Smooth and control coarse hair while providing a textured carefree style with this 100% vegan styling product. The molding putty allows for flexible control while delivering a matte finish.    

Flex Mist Shine Dry Oil Mist This exotic blend of lightweight oils protects hair from heat styling, smooths, nourishes and adds shine. Paraben-free. 

How to Use: Apply to damp hair prior to styling. Spray mist into damp hair to dramatically reduce drying time. Use on dry hair to smooth and enhance shine.

Finish Line Shaping Spray Condition and prevent damage to your hair caused by environmental stress with this preservative free spray. Controls static and resists humidity with light to medium hold. Paraben-free. 

Super Set Firm Hold Shaping Spray This fast-drying spray controls static & resists humidity, protecting hair from environmental stress while allowing freedom of movement. Conditions your hair with each application. This is a paraben-free product.

Facial & Body

Restore the moisture in your skin after or before a workout with face-off, a hydrating facial mist. In a hurry? Cross Train can be used as a shampoo, conditioner and body wash.
Facial & Body pricing: $11-$18

3-n-1 Cross Train Conditioning Shampoo Complete your workout with this 100% vegan shampoo, conditioner and body wash all in one. Adds shine and manageability to chemically treated hair
Face-Off Hydrating Mist Let this Vitamin E hydrating mist restore the moisture in your skin. For use on bare face or sprayed over make-up to help set and keep fresh. 
"Cool" Tip: Refrigerate! Cool mist will help with puffiness.

Men's League 

Men's Line formulated and infused with Spearmint, Peppermint, Eucalyptus Extract, Vitamins A,C and E; Red Tea and Pomegranate. Men's League pricing: $18-$22

Shampoo & Conditioner A shampoo, conditioner and body wash in one, this unique cleanser smooths and hydrates skin and scalp. Add this essential product to your daily routine.
Total Control Hair Gel This gel is as strong as you. Perfect for short styles or to control longer hair for the whole day.

Shave Cream After a tough workout, let this rich cream lift your whiskers for a clean, close comfortable shave without irritation. Fragrance-free.

Full Disclosure: I discovered these products in an article in the May 2015 issue of Beauty Launchpad magazine. I was intrigued by the products and currently searching a new hair care and styling line to carry. Thanks to the graciousness of the ProSalon Distribution Group, I was lucky enough to be able to try out these great hair products on myself and my clients.