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do. Active Products - Product Review


Using gentle botanical ingredients, do. Active Products includes a full line of 100% vegan shampoos, conditioners and facial products as well as paraben-free styling products, all specially formulated to restore and protect the hair and skin’s natural pH moisture balance. do. Active Products were designed in collaboration by professional stylists and certified fitness trainers for those clients who center their lives around health, wellness and beauty.

Product Overview: I like that the products address the effects of sweating/oil (sebum) production due to physical activity. I tend to work up a sweat (especially in the summertime) while working 'behind the chair' and with just going about my day-to-day activities. Therefore, I tend to shower more, needing a product that will restore and protect my hair and skin's natural pH moisture balance.
These products are designed with an active lifestyle, in mind. But, believe don't need to be 'active' to use and enjoy these products!
Features & Benefits:
Natural Botanical Scents~LOVE the smell of the products :-)
No Harsh Sulfates
100% Vegan (majority) 
Powerful UV Protectants
Attractive Packaging/Design
Ingredient Highlights: 
Aloe Vera
Sunflower Seed Extracts
Soy & Wheat Proteins
Goji Berry and Red Wine Extracts
Citric Acid
Wild Cherry Bark
Certified Organic Extracts 

Favorite Products: 
Clean Break Cleansing Conditioner- MY FAV!! Turned me from a skeptic into a believer in the power of Cleansing Conditioners!!
Y.O.G.A Sulfate-Free Shampoo & Conditioner- Love the smell and the gentle cleansing and hydration. 

Body Building Styling Mousse- Love the awapuhi smell. Great hold, can use as a 'root lifter'. Mix with Breakaway- Moisture Conditioner to create a 'curl cream'.

Flex Mist Shine Dry Oil Mist- Exotic smell & lightweight shine. Great heat protectant for flat ironing.

Super Set Firm Hold Shaping Spray- Strong, move-able and mold-able hold. Great for setting long-lasting styles. Provides amazing shine.


Shampoos designed for the active lifestyle, including a dry shampoo. Most of the shampoos are 100% vegan. Whether you are cleansing and clarifying your hair or adding volume, do has you covered. Shampoo pricing: $18-$24
3-n-1 Cross Train Conditioning Shampoo Complete your workout with this 100% vegan shampoo, conditioner and body wash all in one. Adds shine and manageability to chemically treated hair.
Freestyle Clarifying Shampoo This 100% vegan clarifying shampoo removes chlorine residue and product buildup. Great to use prior to a chemical service or deep conditioning treatment. Won't fade color or relax curl.
Speed Play Quick Lift Shampoo This 100% vegan shampoo will bring lift and vitality to your hair without stripping it of natural moisture. With every use your hair will be fuller, shinier and more manageable.
Y.O.G.A. Sulfate-Free Shampoo This 100% vegan shampoo gently removes dirt and residue without stripping your hair of essential moisture. Ideal for those with a highly active lifestyle.
Dry Run Dry Shampoo This dry shampoo absorbs oil, dirt and product build-up while refreshing hair; all without water. Perfect after a workout! Maintains hair color with less washing. Use on dry hair only.
Knock Out PurpleToning Shampoo This violet tinted shampoo neutralizes yellow tones in blonde, white, highlighted, or gray hair. Leaves hair soft and manageable with shimmering highlights.


Conditioners designed to nourish your hair, all 100% vegan. Strengthen and protect your hair even with daily washing. Conditioner pricing: $22-$28
3-n-1 Cross Train Conditioning Shampoo Complete your workout with this 100% vegan shampoo, conditioner and body wash all in one. Adds shine and manageability to chemically treated hair.
Endurance Intense Conditioner Turn damaged or chemically treated hair into soft, shiny hair while mending split ends. Use as a quick conditioner or as an intensive hair treatment with or without heat.
Breakaway Moisturizing Conditioner Great for all hair types, this daily conditioner will leave your hair fuller, shinier and more manageable. Made with natural botanical ingredients.
Y.O.G.A. Daily Conditioner This daily conditioner softens and strengthens damaged or brittle hair while soothing a dry and irritated scalp. Adds shine while protecting against color fade.
Clean Break Cleansing Conditioner Perfect for your gym bag, this lather-free product rinses away sebum while also moisturizing and detangling hair. Improves strength, moisture, and color retention. Sulfate-free, Paraben-free.

Styling Products

An assortment of styling products to choose from that allow you to lift, mold, shine, smooth, style, protect, hold and shape your hair. Styling pricing: $19-$27

Set Shot Styling & Finishing Hair Spray Provides long-lasting, flexible hold and shine. This quick-drying spray won't flake or buildup

Bodybuilding Gel Styling Mousse The control of a gel in a conditioning mousse, this unique formula foams as it is expelled. Conditions your hair with each use. Enriched with botanical ingredients.
Softball Dimension™ Volume Foam Conditions hair as it infuses shine, bounce and medium control. Humidity and perspiration resistant, color safe. Transforms fine, limp hair with added volume and support. 
How to Use: Rub a small amount in hands and apply to damp hair. Massage evenly from roots to ends for added volume. Blow out or style as desired.
Core Impact Leave-In Protectant This 100% vegan leave in protectant will guard your color against UV exposure, free-radical damage and styling. Great for all hair types, this product is a natural detangler reducing drying time and increasing shine.
Cool Down Smoothing Serum Calm and protect your hair cuticle with this lightweight smoothing serum. Provides a lustrously smooth finish and shine. 100% Vegan and Paraban free.
How to Use: Apply to damp hair prior to styling. Use in small amounts to add glass-like shine to finished styles.
High Point Hair Wax Apply wax to wet hair before styling to smooth cuticle and provide control. Use on dry hair to lift and separate. The best part, no greasy feel.
Bring the Heat Thermal Shield Protects and conditions hair during heat styling. Exotic Amazon Oil® leaves hair soft, smooth and infused with shine. Tames the most unruly hair. 
How to Use: Apply to wet hair prior to styling. For straightening, brush hair straight while blow drying. For curls, scrunch hair while drying with a diffuser.
Topspin Molding Putty Smooth and control coarse hair while providing a textured carefree style with this 100% vegan styling product. The molding putty allows for flexible control while delivering a matte finish.    

Flex Mist Shine Dry Oil Mist This exotic blend of lightweight oils protects hair from heat styling, smooths, nourishes and adds shine. Paraben-free. 

How to Use: Apply to damp hair prior to styling. Spray mist into damp hair to dramatically reduce drying time. Use on dry hair to smooth and enhance shine.

Finish Line Shaping Spray Condition and prevent damage to your hair caused by environmental stress with this preservative free spray. Controls static and resists humidity with light to medium hold. Paraben-free. 

Super Set Firm Hold Shaping Spray This fast-drying spray controls static & resists humidity, protecting hair from environmental stress while allowing freedom of movement. Conditions your hair with each application. This is a paraben-free product.

Facial & Body

Restore the moisture in your skin after or before a workout with face-off, a hydrating facial mist. In a hurry? Cross Train can be used as a shampoo, conditioner and body wash.
Facial & Body pricing: $11-$18

3-n-1 Cross Train Conditioning Shampoo Complete your workout with this 100% vegan shampoo, conditioner and body wash all in one. Adds shine and manageability to chemically treated hair
Face-Off Hydrating Mist Let this Vitamin E hydrating mist restore the moisture in your skin. For use on bare face or sprayed over make-up to help set and keep fresh. 
"Cool" Tip: Refrigerate! Cool mist will help with puffiness.

Men's League 

Men's Line formulated and infused with Spearmint, Peppermint, Eucalyptus Extract, Vitamins A,C and E; Red Tea and Pomegranate. Men's League pricing: $18-$22

Shampoo & Conditioner A shampoo, conditioner and body wash in one, this unique cleanser smooths and hydrates skin and scalp. Add this essential product to your daily routine.
Total Control Hair Gel This gel is as strong as you. Perfect for short styles or to control longer hair for the whole day.

Shave Cream After a tough workout, let this rich cream lift your whiskers for a clean, close comfortable shave without irritation. Fragrance-free.

Full Disclosure: I discovered these products in an article in the May 2015 issue of Beauty Launchpad magazine. I was intrigued by the products and currently searching a new hair care and styling line to carry. Thanks to the graciousness of the ProSalon Distribution Group, I was lucky enough to be able to try out these great hair products on myself and my clients.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Are Cleansing Conditioners Shampoo's Replacement?


Many shampoo products contain surfactants, a harsh detergent, that creates a lather effect in the hair. Frequent shampooing can strip away the hair's natural oils, which are essential for maintaining the health and condition of  your hair and scalp. In addition, over-washing can cause an overproduction of sebum (natural oils), making us even more dependent on shampooing.

Armed with this new knowledge and awareness, we are seeing a common trend with people searching for ways to skip the everyday hair-washing routine and prolong how often they shampoo. Which begs to ask the real question... will shampoo's soon become obsolete?


A popular shampoo-alternative product, designed to remove unwanted oil and build-up from the hair, have been a 'must-have' product since making their big debut in 2012.

This "no-poo" method, an inexpensive DIY way of going shampoo-free, using baking soda to cleanse the hair and scalp followed by an apple cider vinegar rinse.

Curly Girl Method creadted by Lorraine Massey, hair expert and author of Curly Girl:The Handbook
'Follow the Curly Girl Method for Curly Hair"

Conditioner washing, or co-washing for short, has been primarily used by those with naturally curly/textured hair with the help of the "Curly Girl Method" and similar methods. Cleansing Conditioners are also considered a "Co-Wash" method.


Recently, there have been several popular salon product companies, such as Matrix-Biologe, who have added this relatively new product type to their existing hair care lines, along with brand new product companies, like Unwash, who have emerged with this brand-specific product. Although, they aren't entirely new to the seen with products, such as, Wen Hair Care by Chaz Dean and DevaCurl-No-Poo, that have been around for some time now.

Who Should Use Cleansing Conditioners?: Originally designed and formulated for those with naturally curly/textured hair and dry, dehydrated hair; leaving the remaining hair types having to resort to other options. Until 2015, we are seeing many of these products now being formulated and suitable for all hair types, including those with medium to fine hair and oily hair, which found the use of a straight conditioner to be too heavy and weighing on their hair. The newest cleansing conditioners claim to gently remove dirt and debris without lather and detergents, and at the same time, maintain the proper moisture balance.  These products are oil-regulating, not oil-causing, so those with oily hair and/or have active lifestyles will certainly benefit from the use of this product. Cleansing conditioners are also great for color-treated hair in maintaining color & prevent fading.

Who Shouldn't Use Cleansing Conditioners?: Those with extremely oily hair and those with scalp conditions such as dermatitis, may not be the best candidates for using cleansing conditioners.

How To Use Cleansing Conditioners: Dispense a generous amount into your palms and rub together. Apply to wet hair massaging thoroughly. Use fingers or a wide-toothed comb to distribute through hair. Leave on hair for remainder of shower (5 minutes or so). Rinse completely with cool water. TIP: The amount you use may be the same amount that you would normally use for both your shampoo & conditioner combine.

How Often Should I Use?: Cleansing conditioners can be used each time you wash. Many find that it is not necessary, but some people prefer to use a sulfate-free shampoo once and awhile to remove any excess oil and/or product buildup.

Please Note: If transitioning to a cleansing conditioner or another shampoo-alternative method, your hair might react or go through 'shampoo-withdrawals', so to speak. Don't be discouraged! Many have had no problem with the transition, but be forewarned of this possible side-effect, it may last a anywhere from 1-4 weeks.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

OLAPLEX: The Miracle Cure for Hair Breakage

Olaplex has only been on the market for less than a year, but has already made their presence known in the beauty industry. Celebrity Colorists, Tracey Cunningham and Guy Tang, among others, were given the opportunity to first try Olaplex before it became available to the public. With astonishing results and rave reviews, they found the product to be a 'game-changer' in the world of haircolor. When before and after photos went viral on instagram @olaplex, the success of the product grew even more and it is now being used in many salons by stylists and colorists all over the world.

Olaplex, is a molecule that re-connects broken disulfide bonds in the hair. It is composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen chains. Olaplex is free of silicone, sulfates, phthalates, DEA, aldehydes, and is never tested on animals. It can be used as additive that works with any brand of lightener or color to prevent damage. This gives the stylist or colorist the ability to achieve results with hair like never before!

3-Part System:
·        Olaplex No.1 Bond Multiplier: Professional use only. Color/Lightener additive.
·        Olaplex No.2 Bond Perfector: Professional use only. In-salon treatments.
·        Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector: Take home product for clients to maintain hair in-between salon visits. Provides added assurance.

Olaplex is a multi-functional salon tool:  
·        As a haircolor additive by adding to any brand of haircolor or lightener for a color service.
·        Can also be used with perms & chemical relaxers.
·        As a pre-treatment for keratin treatments.
·        As an in-salon treatment to repair damaged hair prior to chemical service.
·        Also works great on hair extensions.

Hair, a naturally occurring polymer, is made of thousands of disulfide bonds. Disulfide bonds are broken everyday; not only from chemical services (highlights, colors, perms, relaxers) but also from mechanical styling, such as hair brushing and from thermal styling (blow dryer, flat iron, curling iron). 

PROBLEM: During chemical processing, disulfide bonds become broken and then reform, but not all the bonds reform. The broken bonds become single bonds. The more single bonds you have in your hair, the more compromised and damaged your hair is. That’s where Olaplex comes in.

SOLUTION: Olaplex goes into the hair internally, finds these broken disulfide bonds and cross-links them back together. The hair becomes much stronger and healthier.

A haircare product developer, Dean Christal, was in pursuit of an idea to create a uv-activated silicone that would last in the hair for up to 25 washes and work similar to a keratin treatment. While working with a group of chemists for three years, they were unsuccessful in developing this product to work 100% of the time. A chemist working on the project suggested to Christal that he should meet with Dr. Craig Hawker, a chemist savant, to help in finding a solution to their problem. 

Christal then met with Dr. Hawker and his colleague, Dr. Pressley. During the 4 hour discussion, they talked about common hair problems, including about the damaging effects caused from chemical services and thermal & mechanical use, leading to hair breakage. With both Hawker & Pressley not in the beauty industry, they were unaware of the problems that occur in salons.

Olaplex is a single active ingredient invented by Dr. Eric Pressley, and Dr. Craig Hawker. After extensive patent searches and 24-hours in Pressley’s garage, the polymer-research chemists created Olaplex.

This is their first invention in the beauty industry and have filed several worldwide patents authored by the team that soon will publish.

Meet the Chemists, Dr. Eric Pressley & Dr. Craig Hawker: 

>>American Board of Certified Haircolorists independently tested Olaplex, with convincing results. "After using the product for many months, I know that the chemistry is real and that you can do more as a colorist with Olaplex then without." "This is all new technology, a real breakthrough."

>>2015 Stylist Choice Awards Winner for Favorite Color Innovation (tool or treatment) March 2015.

Discover more about this amazing product at

Monday, March 16, 2015

Bridal Beauty: Adding Eye Lashes

Say "I DO" to adding Eyelashes to your Look on your Wedding Day!!

It is truly amazing the difference fake or faux eyelashes can make in a enhancing a Bride’s appearance and in completing the total look for your BIG day! False lashes are a quick & easy add-on service performed by a professional makeup artist to emphasize and make your eyes really POP! So, if you want to simply accentuate your natural beauty, consider wearing faux lashes on your Wedding day*.

Here are some helpful tips on choosing the right lashes to complete your Wedding makeup & overall look!…

Strip Lashes vs. Individual Lashes

· Strip Lashes create a more dramatic look

· Individual Lashes/Single flares create a natural-looking lash If you have shorter lashes, it is recommended that you use the short-medium length flares; however, if you have long but sparse lashes, you should go with a longer length.

Strip Eyelash Glue vs. Individual Eyelash Adhesive          

· Strip Lash glue can be used for all types of false lashes. The strip lash glue will last until you decide to take them off whether it be at the end of the night, or after just a few hours for a photo shoot. Warning: some eyelash adhesives contain Latex, so if you are allergic, stay away from this type of adhesive glue.  

· Individual Lash glues are used ONLY with individual eyelashes and requires an individual lash adhesive remover to get rid of this glue to help dissolve it and have it gently removed from your own eyelashes.

Clear Glue vs. Dark Glue

· Clear Glue is white when it is wet and turns clear or invisible as it dries

· Dark Glue is grey when wet and turns black, glossy as it dries

*PLEASE NOTE: Fake eyelashes come in a variety of styles and can create different effects. Often, the lashes will need to be trimmed or customized to your eye in order to create the perfect lash-look just for you. For best results, it is highly suggested to have them applied by a professional makeup artist to insure comfortably & suitability, also to eliminate any risk of damaging or causing harm to your natural lashes.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Top Bridal Hairstyles for 2015


Finding that perfect hairstyle to wear on your special day can be a daunting and frustrating task. When selecting a hairstyle, be sure to choose a style that best suits your personality and your wedding day style. There are many things to take in consideration to help determine what hairstyle is most fitting and flattering for you.

>> Bridal Gown/Wedding Dress: Decide on the dress first, before choosing a hairstyle. 
This is the deciding factor of what your wedding day style will be centered around. Find a hairstyle that will be complimentary to your dress. Make sure to take into account the neckline, shape, fabric and design of your dress. It is all about creating a balance between your hair and your dress. For strapless dresses and lower necklines, I usually suggest on wearing your hair down or half up/half down. On wedding dresses with higher necklines, wearing your hair up is typically a good option. If you have chosen a simple dress design, pair it with a more intricate hairstyle. Have a dress with a detailed design and/or lots of beading? Chose a basic, uncomplicated hairstyle so that the focal point remains on you and your dress on your wedding day.

>> Hair Length/Texture/Abundance: Know your limitations & be realistic with your expectations. 
Your style of your choosing may also be dependent on the length, abundance (amount) and texture of your hair. Remember that these styles are meant to have longevity, so if your hair is overly curly and frizzes easily, selecting a smooth and sleek hairstyle may not be the best choice for you. If you have fine and thin hair, a full huge updo may not be the way to go, at least not without the use of hair padding or added support.    

>> Veil/Fascinators/Headpiece/Flowers: Add extra glamour to your bridal look.
Check comfort level of the accessory in your hair before deciding to wear or not. If it bothers you or pokes and prods, you will be miserable for the entire ceremony and reception. Look for accessories that require fewer pins or have fewer teeth. Make sure that if you want your hair to be seen, you select a headpiece that your hair can come up through or one that is on a comb, which can be placed in front of or behind the hair style. TIP: Inform the stylist if you plan on removing the veil after the ceremony. This way the stylist can plan accordingly and make it easy to remove without destroying the entire style in the process.

>> Time of Year/Outdoor or Destination Wedding: Heat and humidity can wreak havoc on a once beautiful bridal style. To beat the heat, it is probably a good idea on wearing your hair up in an updo to stay cool. If wind is a possible factor, having a more secure bridal hairstyle will help alleviate any problems with your hair blowing in your face or moving out of place. For weddings in the fall or winter months when the weather is cooler, keeping your hair down and staying warmer would be a good decision. 

Scheduling a trial run appointment is a MUST! You have enough already to worry about on your wedding day... don't let your hairstyle be one of those things. 

Here are the Top Bridal Hairstyles for 2015 to help you in your search for the right style for you.

Classic Chignons

Loose & Romantic Up-Styles

Side Swept Curls / Braid 

  Half Up/Half Down Twist or Braid with Curls

Tips for a Successful Bridal Hair Trial:

* Try to make your trial run appointment with-in a 2 month time frame of your wedding day.
* Have all accessories with you: veil, headpiece, flowers, jewelry, etc.
* A picture or pictures of your dress.
* Bring 'Hair Inspiration'/reference pictures. (I usually ask the Bride to email or send them to me, prior to trial appointment.)
* Plan on 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours for trial appointment.
* Try to wear white/ivory or similar to dress color with a similar neckline, if possible, i.e. strapless (tube top), halter top etc.
* Come with clean and completely dry hair.
* Bring a camera or phone for pictures.
* I also usually suggest to the Bride to take advantage of this appointment by scheduling it the morning or afternoon of the bachelorette party, engagement photos, etc.
* Know your style or at least what you DON"T like. The trial is a time to really sort out what you want. Don't be afraid to speak up if there is something that you aren't liking.

At the trial appointment discuss with the stylist if you need to have your color/highlights (if applicable) retouched prior to day of the wedding.  Also, how to prepare your hair, what to wear and anything else on the day of the wedding.

Word of Advice: NEVER do anything drastic to your hair before the wedding. This is not the time for you to try out a new haircut, color or style.