Friday, February 6, 2015

Top Bridal Hairstyles for 2015


Finding that perfect hairstyle to wear on your special day can be a daunting and frustrating task. When selecting a hairstyle, be sure to choose a style that best suits your personality and your wedding day style. There are many things to take in consideration to help determine what hairstyle is most fitting and flattering for you.

>> Bridal Gown/Wedding Dress: Decide on the dress first, before choosing a hairstyle. 
This is the deciding factor of what your wedding day style will be centered around. Find a hairstyle that will be complimentary to your dress. Make sure to take into account the neckline, shape, fabric and design of your dress. It is all about creating a balance between your hair and your dress. For strapless dresses and lower necklines, I usually suggest on wearing your hair down or half up/half down. On wedding dresses with higher necklines, wearing your hair up is typically a good option. If you have chosen a simple dress design, pair it with a more intricate hairstyle. Have a dress with a detailed design and/or lots of beading? Chose a basic, uncomplicated hairstyle so that the focal point remains on you and your dress on your wedding day.

>> Hair Length/Texture/Abundance: Know your limitations & be realistic with your expectations. 
Your style of your choosing may also be dependent on the length, abundance (amount) and texture of your hair. Remember that these styles are meant to have longevity, so if your hair is overly curly and frizzes easily, selecting a smooth and sleek hairstyle may not be the best choice for you. If you have fine and thin hair, a full huge updo may not be the way to go, at least not without the use of hair padding or added support.    

>> Veil/Fascinators/Headpiece/Flowers: Add extra glamour to your bridal look.
Check comfort level of the accessory in your hair before deciding to wear or not. If it bothers you or pokes and prods, you will be miserable for the entire ceremony and reception. Look for accessories that require fewer pins or have fewer teeth. Make sure that if you want your hair to be seen, you select a headpiece that your hair can come up through or one that is on a comb, which can be placed in front of or behind the hair style. TIP: Inform the stylist if you plan on removing the veil after the ceremony. This way the stylist can plan accordingly and make it easy to remove without destroying the entire style in the process.

>> Time of Year/Outdoor or Destination Wedding: Heat and humidity can wreak havoc on a once beautiful bridal style. To beat the heat, it is probably a good idea on wearing your hair up in an updo to stay cool. If wind is a possible factor, having a more secure bridal hairstyle will help alleviate any problems with your hair blowing in your face or moving out of place. For weddings in the fall or winter months when the weather is cooler, keeping your hair down and staying warmer would be a good decision. 

Scheduling a trial run appointment is a MUST! You have enough already to worry about on your wedding day... don't let your hairstyle be one of those things. 

Here are the Top Bridal Hairstyles for 2015 to help you in your search for the right style for you.

Classic Chignons

Loose & Romantic Up-Styles

Side Swept Curls / Braid 

  Half Up/Half Down Twist or Braid with Curls

Tips for a Successful Bridal Hair Trial:

* Try to make your trial run appointment with-in a 2 month time frame of your wedding day.
* Have all accessories with you: veil, headpiece, flowers, jewelry, etc.
* A picture or pictures of your dress.
* Bring 'Hair Inspiration'/reference pictures. (I usually ask the Bride to email or send them to me, prior to trial appointment.)
* Plan on 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours for trial appointment.
* Try to wear white/ivory or similar to dress color with a similar neckline, if possible, i.e. strapless (tube top), halter top etc.
* Come with clean and completely dry hair.
* Bring a camera or phone for pictures.
* I also usually suggest to the Bride to take advantage of this appointment by scheduling it the morning or afternoon of the bachelorette party, engagement photos, etc.
* Know your style or at least what you DON"T like. The trial is a time to really sort out what you want. Don't be afraid to speak up if there is something that you aren't liking.

At the trial appointment discuss with the stylist if you need to have your color/highlights (if applicable) retouched prior to day of the wedding.  Also, how to prepare your hair, what to wear and anything else on the day of the wedding.

Word of Advice: NEVER do anything drastic to your hair before the wedding. This is not the time for you to try out a new haircut, color or style. 


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